Milei meets Alberto Fernández to begin transition to Argentina

A press release from the Argentine presidency limited itself to reporting that the meeting was held “with the aim of beginning the process of institutional transition between the teams designated by the two parties in the different areas of government”, without details on the topics addressed.

He elected president of Argentina, the ultraliberal Javier Milei met Tuesday morning with outgoing Peronist leader, Alberto Fernández at the presidential residence in the suburbs of Buenos Aires to begin a transition that promises to be complex.

Milei, what will assume the presidency on December 10 , is a libertarian who has promised to privatize state-owned enterprises, eliminate the central bank and dollarize the economy, among other explosive measures. Fernández, a moderate Peronist who has failed to control inflation of nearly 150 percent a year, was waiting for him at the Olivos residence.

In the context of the serious financial crisis, Milei obtained 55.7% of the votes on Sunday against 44.3% for the Peronist Sergio Massa and will assume the presidency on December 10.

Alberto Fernández votes in the presidential run-off on November 19, 2023.

A statement from the Argentine presidency was limited to informing that the meeting had been held “in order to begin the process of institutional transition between the teams designated by the two parties in the different areas of government” without details on the subjects covered.

However, among other sensitive topics, Milei and Fernández – who have tense relations – were expected to discuss the value of the national peso, which maintains a price regulated by the central bank and could suffer devaluation in the coming weeks due to the shortage. .. of dollars.

Local media had speculated that the meeting would take place on Monday, but it was ultimately delayed and did not have the presence of Massa, who in addition to having been the official candidate is the current Minister of Economy.

The future president will face a poverty of 40%, with the empty coffers of the Central Bank and with a debt contracted in 2018 from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a program of 44 billion dollars.

Analysts expect local bonds and stocks to rise Tuesday after Milei’s victory, although the peso would fall under pressure from his plan to dollarize the economy.

None of the spokespersons for the outgoing or incoming leaders revealed details of the meeting.

Source: Latercera


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