Meeting Iris Klein and her ex-husband Peter On Monday night, Celebrity Big Brother was surprisingly uneventful. However, the estranged couple is still the focus of the Sat.1 show: Actress Yvonne Wolke could do explosive things tonight.

Daniela Katzenberger hopes her mother won’t be scared

Because the woman with whom Peter, according to Iris Klein, had an affair, will be live on Saturday 1 as a guest in the studio of Marlene Lüfen and Jochen Schropp. The television company confirmed this. “The bomb exploded today,” they also announced Yvonne Wolke in Instagram stories. She previously accused Iris Klein of pre-planning the Celebrity Big Brother meeting. The Kleins have had no contact since March. Unlike his wife, he did not know that she would also move into the television container. Nevertheless, he reacted to her arrival quite calmly.

And she, too, remained unexpectedly quiet. Perhaps she took her daughter’s advice. Daniela Katzenberger taken to heart. “I informed her in advance,” the famous TV blonde said on Instagram. “I hope she has a longer fuse in the container than usual.” Her half-sister Jenny Frankhauser, on the other hand, could not remain so calm: “I would be furious if I encountered an unfaithful husband. I would forget myself. My poor mother.”

Iris Klein wants Peter’s signature

Even if there hasn’t been a falling out between the Kleins (yet): Iris Klein stresses in the celebrity container that all she wants is a divorce – and would like her husband to finally sign the papers in the next few days.

Celebrity Big Brother fans can catch up on this year’s action in Celebrity Big Brother – 24 Hours Live on streaming platform Joyn Plus+. The next live broadcast will take place on Tuesday evening at 20:15 on Saturday 1.
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