Nebenzya said that Ukraine boasts of terrorist actions

Nebenzya said that Ukraine has adopted terrorist methods and is proud of it

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Kyiv has adopted terrorist methods and boasts about it. The corresponding statement was made by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya during a meeting of the organization’s Security Council.

The regime in Kyiv has adopted terrorist methods and openly boasts of it. And in the absence of any readiness of Zelensky and his accomplices, as well as their Western puppet masters, to talk about how to achieve a scenario in which Ukraine will cease to be anti-Russian and return to the path of good neighborly civilized development, we will have to fulfill the goals of the North Military District by military means“, emphasized Nebenzya.

He drew attention to the fact that Ukraine feels the unconditional support of the West. This is precisely what allows Kyiv to act terroristically without regard to international organizations.

Nebenzya noted that the West is still clinging to its Ukrainian project as the best opportunity to weaken Russia.

At the same time, Kyiv itself is still trying to defeat Russia to no avail.

Previously, Nebenzya said that Ukraine had lost its dignity and independence because of Euromaidan. She has not yet received them back, because she has not overcome the “original sin of the revolution of dignity”

Source: Ren TV


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