Following the loss of national team player Kevin Schade as a client, consultant Mike Barthel has apologized for making disrespectful comments towards Union Berlin assistant coach Marie-Louise Eta.

“First of all, I would like to emphasize that my tweet about Union Berlin last week was, unfortunately, a complete failure. It was never my intention to put Ms. Eta at the center of my message or to discredit her. I realize that it is “My inappropriate choice of words was perceived as such. Sorry,” Barthel told Kicker on Thursday.

“My criticism should only be directed at Union Berlin and what I consider to be a flawed transfer policy that has destroyed the previously functioning team hierarchy,” Barthel continued.

The player draws conclusions and separates from Advisor Bartel

Schade, Barthel’s most famous player, parted ways with his agent after comments about Eta. “Because I absolutely do not share his position and his ideas and cannot allow them to stand up for themselves,” the professional of the English Premier League club Brentford explained his decision to the pay-TV company Sky.

Barthel deleted the original social media comment. The post was criticized as sexist. “I have to rephrase that,” says a new post from star striker Robert Lewandowski’s former adviser: “Creating a problem with the assistant coach will not help 1. FC Union Berlin put their broken team hierarchy back in order.” (dpa/lch)


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