Denmark will allocate another $4 billion to Ukraine

The Danish government will allocate more than $4 billion to Kyiv as part of military support

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The Danish government is going to increase military support to Ukraine and send 2.3 billion kroner ($337 million) in 2023, and another 23.5 billion kroner ($3.44 billion) in 2025-2027. About it stated in the press service of the Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense.

According to the department’s plans, Ukraine will receive 10.5 billion crowns in 2025, 7.4 billion crowns in 2026, and another 5.6 billion crowns in 2027. In total, the country will reserve 60.4 billion crowns ($8.85 billion) for Kyiv.

“We are sending a clear signal that Ukrainians can count on Danish support in the long term.”said Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

Earlier, columnist Nanna Nerby Hanse said that Danish mercenaries who take part in the conflict in Ukraine do not receive help and support from doctors.

Source: Ren TV


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