Hamas announced that it had postponed the release of Israeli hostages scheduled for Saturday

The radical Palestinian group Hamas on Saturday afternoon he announced for having postponed the release of the hostages kidnapped during the October 7 attack on Israeli territory. This release was expected as part of the four-day truce decided this week. On Friday, Hamas released 24 hostages in exchange for the release of 39 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. But on Saturday, when a new exchange seemed imminent, Hamas announced that it had decided to postpone everything, accusing Israel of having violated the terms of the agreement. For the moment, it is not known whether the exchange will take place in the coming hours or in the coming days.

In a Hamas press release he said that he postponed the exchange because, according to him, Israel is not sending a sufficient amount of humanitarian aid to the north of the Gaza Strip, that is to say the area of ​​the Strip which is invaded and occupied for days by the Israeli army. It is unclear whether sending humanitarian aid to the northern Gaza Strip was actually part of the deal.

Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, who works for Axios, He says which, according to one of its sources, Hamas postponed the agreement because Israel used unagreed criteria on Friday to choose which prisoners to release. This reconstruction, however, has not been officially confirmed.

In theory, Hamas should have released 13 or 14 hostages on Saturday, while Israel should have released 42 women and minors held in its prisons.

Source: ilpost


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