For the third day in a row, Hamas frees a group of hostages

On Sunday, for the third day in a row, the radical Palestinian armed group Hamas released some of the hostages it had kidnapped and brought to the Gaza Strip during the attack on Israeli territory on October 7. The hostages released and handed over to the International Red Cross, which has served as an intermediary in the exchanges in recent days, number 17: 13 Israelis, one Russian-Israeli and three Thais. In exchange, Israel is expected to release 39 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, the same number of people released in recent days: however, there is still no official confirmation of their release.

The operations took place without any particular problem, after the release of the hostages was delayed on Saturday by Hamas, which accused Israel of having violated the conditions negotiated for the exchange of hostages and Palestinian detainees.

The fourteen Israeli hostages released on Sunday are eight children and adolescents, five women and a 25-year-old man, with dual Russian and Israeli nationality: his release would have been the result of a separate agreement concluded by Hamas with the Russian regime of Vladimir Poutine. . The state of health of those released is not known, but according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz one of them required an emergency transfer to hospital by helicopter.

Exchanges between hostages and detainees are expected to continue on Monday, the last of the four days of truce provided for by the agreement. However, there is also the possibility of extending the duration of the agreement, if Hamas agrees to release at least 10 hostages for each additional day of truce.

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