Three Palestinian students hospitalized after man shoots them in Vermont, US

Saturday afternoon a man still unidentified he is beautiful to three university students of Palestinian origin, Hisham Awartani, Tahseen Ahmed and Kinnan Abdalhamid, in Burlington, Vermont, United States. All three had just left the parents’ house of one of them, where they had celebrated a child’s birthday. They are currently hospitalized, one of them is in very serious condition. Police say it could be a hate crime since the three they were wearing keffiyehs, the headdresses also used as headscarves and considered a symbol of Palestine, and they were speaking in Arabic when a white man approached them and attacked them. However, this motive has not yet been established and police are still searching for the suspect. On Sunday evening, the FBI in Albany, New York, he wrote who is investigating the incident along with the Burlington Police Department and other federal, state and local agencies.

This incident is part of the broader context of the increase in Islamophobic and anti-Semitic attacks that have taken place in the United States since the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas on October 7, 2023. Last month, for example, in In Illinois, a man was charged with a hate crime for stabbing and killing a 6-year-old Muslim boy and seriously injuring his mother because they were Muslims of Palestinian descent.

Source: ilpost


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