The last day of truce between Israel and Hamas, perhaps

The fourth day of the truce between Israel and Hamas began on Monday, which provides for a suspension of fighting and a mutual exchange of hostages and prisoners: it is also the last day, based on the agreement reached last week last, but it is possible that the truce will be extended. However, there is currently no certainty on this aspect.

The truce was negotiated in recent days after numerous negotiations by Qatar, a country which maintains good relations with both parties. The deal initially called for the release of a total of 50 Israeli hostages held by Hamas – women and children – and 150 Palestinians in Israeli prisons over the course of four days. In the end, more hostages were released, 54, because other nationalities were added to the Israelis in the meantime, while 117 Palestinian prisoners were released.

The last hostages released by Hamas on Sunday were 17 (13 Israelis, one Russian-Israeli and three Thais) and in exchange Israel released 39 Palestinians, 6 women and 33 men, held in Israeli prisons, the same number of people also released Lastly. A few days. The operations took place without problem, unlike on Saturday when the release of the hostages was delayed by Hamas, which accused Israel of violating the conditions negotiated for the exchange of hostages and Palestinian detainees.

Source: ilpost


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