Belt of tension: three NATO plans to combat Russia

Military experts revealed three NATO plans to fight Russia

NATO flag

NATO flag

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The US is preparing a “Plan B”. The new goal is to close Russia behind the Iron Curtain and create new points of Russophobia on its borders. It is no coincidence that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg openly announced the expansion of the Alliance’s plans to fight Russia.

“One plan is for the North and Atlantic, another for Central Europe, which covers the Baltic and Central European regions, and a third for the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.”– said the Secretary General of the Alliance.

Why is the Military Alliance dragging Serbia into the situation? And why did they decide to hold NATO exercises in Armenia and Georgia? Talks about this program “Military Secret” with Igor Prokopenko on REN TV.

NATO is dragging Serbia into the situation

According to experts, if you carefully look at the location of NATO military bases on the map, it will become obvious that the United States has created a rigid belt of tension around Russia. And, as you can see, there are only two gaps: one near Ukraine, the other near Kazakhstan, neighboring Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The Americans are most likely planning to eliminate these gaps in the near future.

Right behind the Russian Federation, the United States intends to build a new NATO military base. To do this, they are drawing Serbia into the next Alliance exercises. This week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic and discussed with him the prospect of joint exercises between Serbia and NATO.

“I welcome the message from President Vucic about the resumption of joint military exercises”Stoltenberg said.

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Serbian political scientist Stevan Gajic believes that Serbia can join NATO after all the remaining countries of the Balkan Peninsula join the North Atlantic Alliance. According to Gayich, in this case the republic will no longer be able to maintain neutrality and will turn away from Russia.

“If all the other Balkans join NATO, Vucic can say that Serbia can no longer maintain neutrality, that this is impossible and Serbia will join NATO.”said the political scientist.

Joint exercises between NATO and Armenia

In addition, in 2023, NATO decided to hold military exercises even in Armenia. On September 6, the country’s Ministry of Defense announced a joint program. The following tasks were resolved as part of the exercise:

  • increasing the level of coherence of units participating in international peacekeeping missions;
  • sharing best practices in management and tactical communication;
  • checking the readiness of Armenian units under NATO programs.

“It was a real team effort, which I think will be reflected in the future of our work together and at all levels.”,” emphasized the US Army colonel.

Experts drew attention to the fact that interaction in the Eagle Partner 2023 format looked especially strange after Armenia’s refusal to participate in the 2022-2023 CSTO exercises. This is because the maneuvers of Armenia and the United States are, in fact, a demarche against Russia and the CSTO.

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It is no coincidence that about a year ago, Armenia entered into a major deal with an Indian company to supply NATO-style equipment – military personnel will study the principle of its operation. This means that Armenia is really preparing to join NATO.

“The deal with Armenia builds on the growing strategic partnership between the two countries, with India becoming a key supplier of defense equipment to Armenia.”writes the Indian Defense Research Wing.

“Indeed, we saw not only military-technical cooperation with India, but also negotiations on such cooperation with France. We can recall the visit of the Armenian Defense Minister to France, and reciprocal steps from Paris, that is, we see here interaction with a NATO country.”says Mikhail Neizhmakov, director of analytical projects at the Agency for Political and Economic Communications.

NATO’s sights on Georgia

NATO also has its sights on Georgia. It is no coincidence that the country also took part in the Alliance’s autumn exercises.

“There are over 3,000 paratroopers here today. This is a great opportunity to train together to ensure interoperability.”said former US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan.

The training, called “Agile Spirit,” was conducted for the first time throughout the country and, moreover, in the waters of the Georgian port together with the coast guard.

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“The fact is that NATO is trying to contain hotbeds of tension around the Russian borders in order to pull part of the Russian armed forces away from the Ukrainian direction. And, of course, the Georgian authorities cannot refuse the exercises that the Americans and NATO are conducting in Georgia.”– explained Vitaly Kolpashnikov, general director of the center for the study of political elites “ELITIS”, reserve lieutenant colonel of the FSB of Russia.

It is obvious, according to some experts, that all these events are increasing tensions on the Russian border. In fact, Western countries are building an arc of Russophobia around the territory of the Russian Federation, which Brzezinski dreamed of even when he was the head of anti-Sovietism. And just one part of it, according to the plans of American experts in color revolutions, should extend from the Baltic states to Georgia.

In the “Military Secret” program, presenter Igor Prokopenko tells and demonstrates unique footage from the sites of military conflicts, and experts show viewers the world of the military industry.

Stoltenberg announced a meeting on Ukraine's membership in NATO

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