Burbock called the decline in interest in the conflict in Ukraine fatal

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The weakening of the world community’s concern about the armed conflict in Ukraine could lead to negative consequences. This was stated by German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock.

“Ukraine is disappearing from public view”she wrote on social network X.

Burbock called the decline in interest in the Ukrainian conflict fatal. She noted that Russia’s attacks have become more violent than ever.

According to the head of the German Foreign Ministry, Ukraine has made a choice in favor of “peace, freedom and security”, since it has chosen the path towards NATO and the European Union.

In addition, Bärbock reported that Germany has allocated an additional amount of 11.5 million euros to the Ukraine-NATO trust fund.

Earlier it became known that Germany was missing tens of billions of euros due to assistance from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Prices for electricity and gas in the country have increased by more than 40 percent. The Germans go to rallies and demand that the authorities think about their own people.

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