The truce between Israel and Hamas will be extended

Thursday morning, the Israeli army announced that an agreement had been reached to extend the truce with Hamas, which began last Friday and which will end Thursday at 7 a.m. (6 a.m. in Italy). The army said it had agreed with the radical Palestinian group on a new mutual exchange of hostages and prisoners, thanks to the mediation of Qatar, which has good relations with both sides.

It was not specified whether the truce would last several days or if for the moment the agreement only concerns Thursday: the method of suspending the fighting will in any case be that already agreed in recent days, i.e. say that for every Israeli hostage released, three prisoners will be released Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Over the past two days, the representatives of Israel and Hamas had declared themselves ready to suspend the fighting for a few more days, even if the Israeli government had clarified that it under no circumstances intended to continue the truce beyond Sunday.

In total, since the start of the truce, 70 Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas in Israel on October 7 have been released, while Israel has released 210 Palestinian prisoners held in the country’s prisons. Hamas also released a few dozen hostages of other nationalities, mainly Thai, but on the basis of separate agreements which were not part of those of the truce with Israel.

The latest exchange took place on Wednesday evening, when Israel released 30 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, while Hamas released a total of 16 hostages: 10 Israelis, 4 Thais and two women with dual Russian and Israeli citizenship .

Source: ilpost


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