Zelensky doubted the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO

Zelensky expressed doubt about Ukraine’s accession to NATO

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky doubted that his country would join NATO. The Ukrainian leader expressed his opinion at a meeting with students during a trip to Nikolaev.

“And we don’t know exactly how it will be, because this is life and this is Russia. And no one will tell you for sure. And whether we will be in NATO. Or we will not be in NATO.”Zelensky said in his Telegram channel.

Earlier, journalists from the Frankfurter Allgemeine publication expressed the opinion that, at least until the elections in the United States, there are no real prospects for Ukraine joining NATO. According to the author of the article, the United States will not take any steps towards NATO expansion shortly before the presidential elections, while the problem of Ukrainian demands will be resolved at the level of rhetoric.

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