Shocking photos from China: Hospitals are full, the disease is spreading

Currently, a respiratory disease is spreading among children in China and hospitals are completely full.

New respiratory disease spreading in children

This is what the topic is about:

  • Respiratory disease in children is spreading in China.
  • Hospitals are overwhelmed and more treatment centers are needed.
  • The Ministry of Health guarantees that there is no new virus.

China’s Ministry of Health is calling on local authorities to establish more hospitals to treat respiratory diseases currently in circulation. These have increased significantly in China in recent weeks and have already drawn the country’s attention to the World Health Organization, which has requested more information on this issue. But China has not discovered any unusual or new pathogens, according to the World Health Organization.

First winter after the lifting of strict Corona protection measures

This is the first time China has experienced a full winter after the lifting of strict corona protection measures. National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said at a press conference on Sunday that the increase in respiratory diseases is caused by various pathogens, especially the flu virus. The number of relevant clinics and treatment centers should be increased and their working hours should be expanded. Medicine supply must be ensured. In addition, good studies on prevention and control need to be carried out in schools, kindergartens and nursing homes. Infections have risen sharply recently, especially among children in northern China. Hospitals here warned of long wait times.

At WHO’s request, China assures: There is no new virus

China’s Ministry of Health has assured that the increase in respiratory diseases in the country is not caused by a new virus. Ministry spokesman Mi Feng said the recent cluster of such infections was caused by well-known diseases such as influenza virus, rhinoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), adenovirus and bacteria such as Mycoplasma pneumoniae.


Source: Vienna


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