Fighting between Israel and Hamas has resumed

At 7 a.m. local time (6 in Italy), the deadline for the truce between Israel and Hamas, which began last Friday and allowed a mutual exchange of prisoners and hostages, expired. The two sides initially agreed to a four-day truce, which was extended several times after lengthy and complicated negotiations mediated by Qatar, which has good relations with both sides.

Just minutes after the truce ended, fighting between Israel and Hamas resumed. The Israeli military said it shot down a rocket fired from Gaza into Israel, and Hamas-affiliated media reported explosions and gunfire in the northern Gaza Strip.

The latest extension on Thursday allowed the release of eight Israeli hostages by Hamas and 30 Palestinian detainees by Israel. In total, in seven days, Hamas freed 105 people taken hostage during the October 7 attack (out of a total of approximately 240), including 78 Israeli women and minors.

The other freed hostages were of different nationalities, mainly Thai, and were released under separate deals that were not part of the truce agreement with Israel. Israel instead released a total of 210 Palestinian prisoners held in the country’s prisons.

From the first days of the truce, the Israeli authorities declared that the suspension of fighting would be temporary – and therefore not a definitive “ceasefire” as requested by the United Nations – and that once it was over, they would resume military operations in the Gaza Strip. strike Hamas.

Over the past two days, the representatives of Israel and Hamas had declared themselves ready to suspend the fighting for a few more days, even if the Israeli government had clarified that it under no circumstances intended to continue the truce beyond Sunday. Thursday on Wall Street Journal he wrote, citing Egyptian government officials, that Israel and Hamas had agreed to an eighth day of truce, but there was no confirmation from the Israeli government or the radical Palestinian group.

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