Putin expanded the Russian army

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Friday increasing the size of the Russian army by about 15 percent, adding 170,000 troops – the total number of professional soldiers. will go up to more than 1.3 million people (in all military personnel of the Russian army understand 2.2 million).

This is the second time Putin has expanded the Russian army since the invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022: by August of the same year, Putin added 137,000 troops.

Putin’s decision to expand the Russian military came at a time when the situation on the ground had been at a standstill for months: both the Russian and Ukrainian armies are engaged in arduous and complicated attempts to gain ground. , but the front lines failed to gain ground. moved a lot. Meanwhile, in Russia, support for the invasion appears to be waning: according to a investigation produced by the Russian independent organization the Chronicle Last October, the number of Russians supporting the war in Ukraine almost halved since last February.

The Russian Defense Ministry motivated the military’s expansion by the war in Ukraine and the need to counter “threats” associated with the ongoing offensive in Ukraine. HAS added that the decision is “an adequate response to the aggressive activity of the NATO bloc,” the military alliance that includes a large part of Western countries, several of which sent weapons and ammunition to Ukraine during this war to support his efforts against Russia.

The Russian government has indicated that it does not plan to organize another mobilization like the one announced in September 2022, during which many reservists were recalled to service, that is to say people who, although belonging to the army, because they have done so those who have carried out their military service are on permanent leave, have other jobs and, in times of peace, do not participate in military activities. This is a rather unpopular measure, which poses many implementation problems. The Russian army is, however, engaged in a recruitment campaign, particularly in the most peripheral regions of the country.

Source: ilpost


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