According to media reports, the Israeli military also carried out massive strikes at night on targets of the Islamist Hamas and other terrorist groups in the south of the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli media reports, heavy fighting took place from the south of the closed coastal zone.

They concentrated on the Khan Yunis area. It was reported that parts of the Hamas leadership were in the city. After the end of a week-long break in hostilities, Hamas said it had fired rockets into central Israel for the first time the day before. According to Israeli data, approximately 10,000 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel since the beginning of the Gaza War.

Palestinians assess damage after an Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip.

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Heavy fighting also in southern Gaza

As The Times of Israel reported that evening, citing residents of the blockaded Gaza Strip, Israeli troops dropped leaflets in the town of Khan Yunis, urging residents to flee to Rafah in the south. The Israeli army says it has attacked hundreds of targets in the north and south of the Gaza Strip since the ceasefire.

The army said the attacks targeted areas with explosive traps, as well as Hamas tunnels, launch pads and command centers. The attacks targeted targets in the north, as well as targets in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. This information could not be independently verified.

Report: US supplied Israel with bombs to destroy bunkers

According to one report, the United States supplied Israel with 100 bunker-busting bombs and tens of thousands of other weapons for the war. Israel alone was provided with 100 bunker-busting bombs following the unprecedented Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing US officials. The delivery of additional weapons and ammunition, including some 15,000 bombs and 57,000 artillery shells, began shortly after the Hamas attack on Israel and has continued in recent days.

The Israeli army fights “as long as necessary”

The Israeli army has not set a time limit for the war in Gaza, the spokesman said. “We are determined to fight Hamas for as long as necessary,” Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said, adding: “We have no other choice.” Conricus reaffirmed his country’s military goal to completely destroy the terrorist organization so that it no longer poses a threat to Israel in the future.

The spokesman was responding to media reports that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken allegedly said in his recent three-week talks with Israeli leadership that Israel should continue the war at its current level. Israeli media reported that Blinken was unsure whether Israel would have international support to continue fighting at the same intensity as before the ceasefire.

Hostage’s body found

The Israeli military said it had found the body of an Israeli kidnapped in the Gaza Strip. She was recently located and flown back to Israel, the army said Friday evening. The victim’s body was discovered on Wednesday. According to media reports, on October 7, terrorists kidnapped a 27-year-old man and about 240 other people into the Gaza Strip. So he attended the Supernova festival with friends.

An Israeli army spokesman also confirmed the death of four more hostages of the Islamist Hamas movement. According to media reports, the bodies of the victims are still in the Gaza Strip. The military continues to seek additional information about the condition of the remaining hostages remaining in the Gaza Strip, the spokesman said.

Israel believes there are still 137 hostages in the country

An Israeli government spokesman earlier said that 137 hostages were still being held in the Gaza Strip. It was initially unclear whether the death toll was included. On Friday evening he gave the figure: 136 people, including 17 women and children. Since the start of the war against Hamas, Israeli ground forces have already delivered several Israeli bodies to the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians: humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza stopped

According to Palestinian and Egyptian sources, no humanitarian aid has reached the Gaza Strip since the ceasefire expired. Security sources said on Friday that Egypt was ready to provide assistance. However, this is impossible due to Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israel wants to get rid of the representative of the UN emergency relief office in the Palestinian territories in Oche Lynn Hastings. Israeli authorities have told them Hastings’ visa, which expires in December, will not be renewed, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Friday.

During the Gaza War, Israel repeatedly expressed its dissatisfaction with Hastings. Ocha, in turn, has repeatedly criticized the insufficient access of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The United Nations depends on cooperation with Israel to be able to deliver as much supplies as possible to the war zone.

What’s important today

Heavy fighting in the Gaza Strip continues, as do diplomatic efforts to establish a new ceasefire. Islamist Hamas called for demonstrations of solidarity around the world. (dpa/af)

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