More than 180 Gazans died in 24 hours as a result of Israeli attacks

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The Israeli army storms Palestinian cities in the West Bank. Fierce fighting raged throughout the night in Jenin, Hebron and Nablus. The military also arrests Palestinians. At the same time, naval units are shelling the coast in the south of the Gaza Strip. That night, the IDF also attacked Syria – several rockets were fired into the outskirts of Damascus. A full-scale military operation by the Israeli military began exactly one day ago, after the expiration of the humanitarian truce. Right during negotiations to extend the humanitarian pause, the IDF announced the interception of a rocket from the Gaza Strip.

More than 180 Gazans died in 24 hours as a result of Israeli attacks

The correspondent recalls the chronology of events REN TV Kirill Polyakov.

In this footage, Israeli aircraft strike the southern Gaza Strip. Internet users on Palestinian social networks publish moments of the missiles’ arrival.

Israel resumed attacks on the Gaza Strip, despite the humanitarian pause that the parties to the military conflict agreed on the day before. Tel Aviv blamed Hamas. The militants allegedly violated the ceasefire.

Residents of Gaza, the leader of the Palestinian radical organization Hamas in the enclave, Yahya Sinwar, decided to violate the agreements, he made a choice, he is guilty and bears responsibility. He knew the consequences and chose them.”says IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari.

In the last 24 hours alone – after Israel resumed hostilities in Gaza – more than 180 people have already died. For comparison – for the whole

Throughout the truce period, Tel Aviv released 240 Palestinians from prison, exchanging them for its prisoners. UNICEF representatives also published sad statistics – over 48 days of bombing of the Gaza Strip, more than five thousand minors died. The place is again the most dangerous for children. At the same time, the Israeli army is storming cities in the West Bank. The IDF conducts raids in border communities, engaging in firefights with Palestinian armed groups.

The Director General of the World Health Organization said that civilians in Gaza need supplies of food, medicine and drinking water. And the massive migration of the population from the north to the south of the Gaza Strip is only making the situation worse.

The supply of essential supplies to Gaza must be urgently resumed and restored to at least the levels reached during the recent truce“, the organization said in a statement on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The American edition of the Wall Street Journal believes that even after the end of the active phase of hostilities, Israel will continue the anti-terrorist operation. According to media reports, intelligence services are already developing plans to kill Hamas leaders who are located in Lebanon, Turkey and Qatar. And the intensive phase of the ground offensive will continue at the beginning of the 24th year.

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