Israel prepares to attack southern Gaza Strip

Fighting between Israel and Hamas resumed on Friday, following a week-long truce during which hundreds of hostages and prisoners were freed on both sides. Clear signals were immediately issued about Israel’s intentions to now move south, after having evacuated and attacked the northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City: in Khan Yunis, the main southern city, The Israeli Air Force dropped leaflets warning civilians to move. towards the town of Rafah, even further south.

THE Financial Times has published an article which recounts the preparations of the Israeli army to attack the south of the Gaza Strip in the coming days, then continue the offensive in the coming months: the fighting will most likely continue in 2024, indicated anonymous sources close to it army projects, cited by Financial Times. According to these sources, the army’s objectives are to kill the three Hamas leaders, Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif and Marwan Issa, to definitively defeat Hamas’s 24 military units and to inhibit its ability to govern the Gaza Strip.

In recent weeks, before Israel invaded the Gaza Strip, a large part of the Palestinian population was forced to abandon the north, which was then heavily attacked and bombed. Large parts of this part of the territory are now reduced to ruins and around 2 million people have gathered in the south: it is an overpopulated area and in the grip of a very serious humanitarian crisis. It is not yet clear where civilians should go in the event of a new offensive: with the north occupied, people have nowhere to go.

An anonymous Israeli official told the Financial Times that there will be “safety zones”: “We will warn them in advance and encourage them to make an effort to move, for example one kilometer to the north or west.”

That Israel’s next objective was to attack the south it has been clear for some time , given that Israeli military forces believe Hamas leaders were concentrated there. The offensive is expected to focus mainly on Khan Yunis, the birthplace of Yahya Sinwar and Mohammed Deif, and on Rafah, where the crossing of the same name is located, the only border crossing in the Gaza Strip that does not lead to Israeli territory. but to Egypt. .

Source: ilpost


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