The overt family drama between Iris and Peter Klein is a thing of the past, at least in Celebrity Big Brother: this year’s first season of the Sat.1 show Iris Klein (56) was chosen by viewers on Friday night. Her estranged husband Peter Klein (56), however, remains in the television container. He even shed tears as he said goodbye to the ex-woman of his dreams.

In the twelfth live broadcast, there were initially three people on the so-called exit list: Matthias Mangiapane (40), Marco Stretcher (21) and the same Iris Klein. However, during the broadcast it became clear that Streacher did not have to leave the show. So viewers had to choose between Mangiapane and Klein. In the end, mother Danielle Katzenberger (37) received the fewest viewer votes and had to leave Celebrity Big Brother that same night.

Iris Klein: “I’m leaving here a crybaby”

After the decision was made, Klein said a warm goodbye to her roommates. Surprisingly: even a temporary farewell to her ex-husband, to everyone’s amazement, was intimate, friendly and almost loving. No traces of bad blood. They held each other for a long time, and Peter was visibly touched by the farewell and shed a few tears.

After her departure, Iris Klein spoke to host Jochen Schropp (45) about her time in the container. She’s doing great and now she’s especially looking forward to tomorrow’s Christmas market and sausages. As for Peter Klein, she announced a meeting soon when Celebrity Big Brother closes its doors again: “I think we’ll meet again outside, privately, one-on-one.”

The interview with the Sat.1 social media team, which was subsequently published on the station’s Instagram account, also became emotional. Iris Klein answers some questions while crying. “I’m leaving here a crybaby. Sometimes I just can’t control my emotions,” Klein tells the camera. Her farewell to Peter was “very pleasant.”
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