➤ Reports of widespread sexual violence against women by Hamas are growing.

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Even weeks after the Hamas massacre in Israel, new reports of brutal sexual violence against women and girls continue to emerge. Many of them are deeply troubling. Zach’s rescue assistant told a special parliamentary commission about the horror that awaited him in the border town on October 7: “The corpse of a woman, naked, with a sharp object stuck in her intimate area.” Rescuer Haim Otmazgin said he also found several dead women with their stomachs exposed in other places after massacres carried out by terrorists from Hamas and other groups.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip committed the worst massacre in Israeli history near the border. Reports of extreme sadistic violence on the day of the massacre are also causing concern among young women still under the terrorist organization’s control and whom Hamas has so far refused to release.

Israeli police began investigating reports of widespread sexual crimes against women on October 7. The independent expert commission also collects eyewitness testimony, forensic and other evidence. Terrorists from Hamas and other groups themselves documented many of their atrocities using body cameras, some of which were broadcast live on social media and on victims’ cell phones.

Police officer Shelley Harush told a parliamentary committee meeting that about 1,500 witness statements had been collected so far about the incidents. Arrested Hamas terrorists said during interrogation that they were also ordered to rape women. What complicates the evidence: In many cases, the bodies were in such poor condition that sperm or DNA samples could not be taken.

Just eight weeks after the Hamas attack and following widespread criticism, the women of the UN wrote in X-Post on Saturday evening: “We unequivocally condemn the brutal Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7th. We are concerned by numerous reports of gender issues. atrocities and sexual violence during these attacks.” (DPA/VOI)


Balance of power in the Middle East: allies US/Israel, allies Iran

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Further news on the war in the Middle East on December 2:

Israeli army reports further attacks on 400 targets in Gaza Strip

  • 8:49 am

The Israeli military continues bombing the Gaza Strip. More than 400 “terrorist targets” were attacked throughout the Gaza Strip over the past day, the army announced Saturday morning. Overnight on Saturday, military aircraft attacked more than 50 targets near the city of Chan Yunis in the south of the blocked coastal zone.

Its own troops also attacked terrorists and Islamist Hamas infrastructure in the Beit Lahiya area with tanks and targeted airstrikes, the report said. Israeli naval units also attacked Hamas military installations at the port of Khan Yunis and Deir al-Balah using precision-guided munitions during the night, the report said. The infrastructure and equipment of the naval forces of the terrorist organization were damaged. According to reports, Israeli armed forces again fired at targets on the ground and from the air in the northern Gaza Strip.

The terrorist cell that lured Israeli troops into the ambush was also reportedly hit by an explosion. In addition, an Israeli warplane fired at a mosque that served as an Islamic Jihad command center. All information could not initially be independently verified. (dpa)


War in the Middle East

Israel accuses Hamas of lifting ceasefire

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