Winter weather causes disruptions to rail traffic in southern Germany

Due to the onset of winter, train traffic in southern Germany was seriously affected. A Deutsche Bahn spokesman said on Saturday morning that there were delays and cancellations. The main train station in Munich is not reachable. Long-distance traffic is currently suspended in much of Bavaria’s capital, among other places. Connections to Salzburg, Innsbruck, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Lindau were cancelled. Restrictions can be expected throughout Saturday.

Due to heavy snowfall, flight operations at Munich Airport were expected to be stopped until 12 o’clock. As a spokesperson explained, winter service is activated to ensure safe takeoff and landing can be resumed. Approximately 320 of the 760 flights planned so far have been canceled for today. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flights before going to the airport.

Munich police advised against driving. A spokesman said on Saturday morning that unnecessary trips should be “urgently avoided”. Vehicles should be fitted with winter tires and drivers should pay attention to the appropriate speed. The traffic situation is “extremely challenging” given the heavy snowfall and cleaning services are on duty. Pedestrians should also watch for objects such as branches or snow falling from roofs.

Snow and ice caused traffic chaos across much of Bavaria. Flight operations at Munich Airport and train services to and from the main railway station in the Bavarian capital have been temporarily suspended. S-Bahn and some regional trains also stopped operating. Local public transport was stopped in Augsburg. There have been many accidents on Bavarian roads.


On Friday, more than 150 takeoffs and landings were canceled at Munich Airport due to weather conditions. A spokesman said this was due to snowfall and low temperatures at the airport.

“We recommend that services to and from Munich be postponed,” a railway spokesman said. It was stated that weather-related train cancellations and delays may also occur in other parts of southern Germany. All passengers who wanted to postpone their planned trip to the south of Germany due to the start of the winter season were able to use their tickets at a later date. The train connection has been removed. Deutsche Bahn asked people to find out more before they start their trip on the website or by searching for travel information.

In Ulm and Munich, passengers had to spend the night on trains. In Munich, metros, buses and trams were initially stopped. There were many accidents on the roads in Southern Bavaria; Most of these resulted in property damage, according to police. Police in Upper Bavaria South appealed to the public to stay at home. Emergency services are in constant use.

However, the 54-year-old driver died in an accident on a snowy road in Baden-Württemberg. According to police, the man turned 180 degrees and skidded into the oncoming lane at Emmingen-Liptingen. There he collided with a pickup truck on Friday evening. While the driver was seriously injured due to the impact, he died at the scene of the accident. The truck went off the road and into the ditch. The 67-year-old driver of the minibus escaped uninjured.

Trains had to stop at stations due to fallen trees between Munich-Pasing and Fürstenfeldbruck, between Tutzing (Starnberg district) and Weilheim in Upper Bavaria, and between Neukirchen and Vilseck (both Amberg-Sulzbach district). It was stated that rail renewal services cannot be provided due to weather conditions on the highways. Delays and train cancellations are to be expected.

As a dpa correspondent reported, a train arriving from Stuttgart, the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg, had to be converted into a night train at Ulm main station in the morning. Deutsche Bahn also provided a train for passengers stranded at Munich Central Station. According to a Deutsche Bahn (DB) spokesperson, it was initially unclear how many trains had to cancel their journeys.

Heavy snowfall also disrupted the synchronization of railways in Switzerland: many routes of the Räthische Bahn (RhB) in the canton of Grisons were interrupted or only accessible to a limited extent. According to RhB, spare parts transportation was only possible to a very limited extent. The Arosa line from Chur to Arosa was interrupted. There is no electricity on the line and backup transportation is not possible. The duration of the outage is uncertain.

There were other restrictions and cancellations in the Upper Engadine, among others. According to RhB the only trains running there are St. It was between Moritz and Samedan. The route from Davos to Filisur was also interrupted. Backup transportation is not possible.


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