He kills a 17-year-old girl and buries her body in the garden of her house

Valerie Tindall17 years old, disappeared on June 7 in Arlington, Indiana (United States). The police were for months searching for her without a trace until this week.

After more than 50 search warrantsthe investigators reached a trail that led them directly to the house of Patrick Scott. This man was a neighbor of the young woman and both families had a great relationship.

The agents They found the young woman’s body buried in Scott’s garden. The man admitted to police that he strangled Tindall with a belt and buried her in the garden of her house.

Apparently, the young woman I had worked for him on occasions because he had a garden cleaning company. Scott told police the two had spent time outside of work going out to eat and shopping, but he claimed she wanted to blackmail him.

According to his testimony, the man he put the young woman in a box which he closed with four nails and buried it by making a hole in his garden. Tindall’s mother, Shena Sandefur, told WRTV that Tindall had worked for Scott and that they had a bond “like they were friends.”

“She worked for him, but she also went out with her family, as if her granddaughter was her friend and we went places with them,” the mother said.

In this sense, Sanderful assured that his daughter’s death has left “a hole” in his heart “forever.” “My daughter did not deserve this and we just want answers as to why,” she said.

Scott He is charged with murder and obstruction of justice. He made his initial court appearance Thursday and was denied bail.

Source: Antena3


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