Buy a drawing for 26 euros and discover that it is valued at more than 10 million

The storage rooms are full of antiques of which we do not know the value. Lamps, albums, books, stamps, furniture and an endless number of objects that in many situations we detach ourselves abruptly without delving into its origin or its value.

On repeated occasions we have heard someone nagging us to get rid of all the “junk”, not knowing if any of it could change our economic future. This is the case of the daughters of Jean-Paul Carlhian, an architect from Concord, Massachusetts.

The events took place in 2016, when Carlhian’s daughters they sold a drawing that his father had saved for an art collector. The absolute lack of knowledge about the value of the work made it sold to an art collector for 26 euros in a rake they organized in their garage.

However, the buyer also he was unaware of the work in front of him and the high cost it had. What’s more, he bought it thinking that it was a reproduction made in the 20th century. The first suspicions about the age and authorship of the painting attacked the anonymous buyer and, after being rejected by numerous experts, he managed to get it Clifford Schorer I will study and investigate about the origin of the drawing.

Finally, it was discovered that it was a work by the most important German painter of the Renaissance: Alberto Duero.

How did they discover that it was a piece of Renaissance art?

Clifford Schorerexpert in the work of Duero and restored from the Albertina Museum in Vienna, together with the historian and restorer of German drawings at the British Museum, Giulia Bartrum, agreed about the authorship of the work. According to information provided by ‘Art Newspaper’, the Agnews Gallery in London considers that the drawing ‘Virgin and Child with a flower on a bench with grass‘ is an original work by Duero.

At first, doubts addressed the experts, opening up two posibilities: they were facing a masterpiece or they were facing the best forgery they had ever witnessed.

After a few thorough analysis and from one appraisal carried out by academics, a clear resolution has been reached: the work is authentic.

The drawing is composed of a woman sittingassumed to be the Virgin Mary, with a baby in arms, which is assumed to be Jesus Christ. In the central part of the bottom of the picture we see a rubric composed of two initials “A.D.“.

The paper on which the work was performed was one of the key elements in the process. The work was made on paper with a watermark used on more than 200 sheets belonging to the artist. This single fact means that the work can rise from 26 euros to 44.5 million. The gallery has not yet appraised the work. Even so, Schorer estimates that will sell for more than 10 million.

The work is thought to have been created in the 1503 and that was a sketch of the present ‘The Virgin among a multitude of animals‘, painting completed in 1506.

Source: Antena3


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