EC: Ukraine will be ready for negotiations on accession to the EU in December

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The European Commission (EC) intends to speed up the procedure for approving the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU and believes that Kyiv will have time to fulfill all the requirements by the December summit of the association. About this in an interview with the newspaper Le Monde said Deputy Head of the European Commission (EC) Vera Yurova.

“Let’s not wait until March. When the European Commission made this proposal in November, we thought that Kyiv would need a few more months to meet the criteria set by the EU.”– she said.

Thus, she commented on the deadlines announced by the European Commission for the report on the progress of countries applying for admission to the European Union. According to the document, at the summit in mid-December it was planned to reach a “political agreement” on their admission into the union and, after a new assessment in March 2024, begin negotiations on their accession to the EU if all conditions are met.

Yurova clarified that she had just returned from Kyiv and, in her opinion, Ukraine needs to do a lot in terms of fighting corruption and protecting minorities. Nevertheless, the European Commissioner is confident that the determination of the Kyiv authorities will allow them to fulfill all the conditions by mid-December.

“In two weeks, the European Commission will inform European leaders that Ukraine meets all the conditions for the immediate start of accession negotiations.”said the European Commissioner.

She added that the doors to the EU for Ukraine need to be opened gradually and concrete steps must be taken in the field of technology, energy and infrastructure first. than the country will be admitted to the European Union.

Yurova clarified that Ukraine will have to win the conflict in the long term, and Europe needs a debate about the future of Ukraine in order to convince its citizens of the need to help Kiev militarily and financially.

Earlier, the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyas, said that Budapest is not ready to support Ukraine’s accession to the European Union (EU), as well as changes to the community budget. According to him, the government of the country discussed both issues and came to the conclusion that they were not sufficiently worked out.

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