A woman requests euthanasia after two years with terrible pain due to persistent covid

More of 6,919,573 people they have dead around the world due to the virusl COVID-19. This disease has also left thousands of people with what is known as persistent covid.

According to the Ministry of Health, persistent covid is a syndrome which is characterized by the persistence of symptoms of COVID19 weeks or months after initial infection, or by the appearance of symptoms after a period of time without them. Its appearance is not related to the severity of the initial infection, so it can affect both mild and severely hospitalized patients.

Most people with persistent covid have symptoms such as tiredness, general malaisemuscle and joint pain, dizziness, fever or sleep disorders. However, some cases can be much more serious.

It is the case of Kelly Louise Smith-May, 39 years old. This woman contracted the virus in 2021 and since then has not stopped suffering, explains his family. For this reason, the woman asks for euthanasia to be able to “rest.”

Furthermore, the prolonged coronavirus progressed to severe myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), a neurological disease. He spends all day every day in the dark, painfully sensitive to light, noise, smells, movement and touch.

Kelly’s illness has progressed to a very serious state. She can no longer sit or walk. The woman has a severe insomnia and can only sleep a few hours a day. Due to painful neurological symptoms, he cannot tolerate music, television, or interacting with friends.

Kelly is totally dependent on her husband for all personal care needs and you also have to eat and drink under control. For this reason, this woman, who is a mother of four children, is raising money to pay for euthanasia.

700,000 people affected by persistent covid

There are thousands of people who suffer the consequences of this disease today, specifically, 700,000 people. It is something that affects them, practically, in all areas of their lives and, therefore, causes problems in the workplace. Eight out of ten people cannot work normally. But this doesn’t stop here. Nine and a half percent have lost their jobs. At Antena 3 Noticias, we have spoken with several affected people, who tell us how terrible the situation is.

We have met Nani. She is administrative and accumulates one sick leave after another at suffer persistent covid since January 2021. “Your boss asks you for 100% performance and you are not at 100%, not even at 50%,” she highlights. These patients suffer constant joint pain, memory problems, respiratory problems, fatigue… This is why he asks, above all, for research. He further complains that “There are many doctors who do not believe that this exists.“, at the same time that ask for empathysince it is something that “not everyone is affected in the same way.”

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