The Czech Republic is also struggling with heavy snowfall

Heavy snowfall also caused traffic problems and power outages in the Czech Republic. Hundreds of cleaning vehicles were in constant use on Saturday. A snow emergency has been declared in the administrative region of Southern Bohemia bordering Bavaria. About three-quarters of a meter of fresh snow fell in the area overnight. A 20-kilometer traffic jam occurred after a truck accident on the D1 highway between Prague and Brno.

More than 15,000 households were left without power after heavy snowfall damaged overhead power lines, according to energy suppliers. There were closures and disruptions in train traffic on many routes due to fallen trees. The 1st league football matches between Jablonec and Teplice and between Ceske Budejovice (Budweis) and Hradec Kralove were postponed to a later date due to weather conditions.


Source: Vienna


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