A replacement for Biden was found in the USA

Fox News admitted that California Governor Newsom could take Biden’s presidency

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Discussions about the candidacy of current US President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 elections are in full swing among Democrats, reported Fox News. The channel’s observers suggested that the party could not yet decide whether this would be the best choice. But, as the authors of the material noted, next year they will have to think about changing the leader.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, as indicated, wants to become the new leader. However, his polling suggests that if he is to become the new face of the left, he needs to “rise up”.

The California governor shares weak support with Biden across the board, in fact. The only noticeable difference between them is age, observers noted.

Newsom is now 56 years old, which is why he beats the 81-year-old Biden, because it is the latter’s advanced age that confuses many Americans. However, as the channel noted, Newsom’s ratings are now approximately the same as those of the head of the White House.

“Newsom’s rating in California is the same as the president’s. According to an October Berkeley/IGS poll, Biden has 45% approval and 51% disapproval, while Newsom has a record low of 43% approval and 49% disapproval.”,” commentators pointed out.

As the story notes, Newsom “will have to make inroads among moderate, independent and/or undecided voters to break away from Biden and have a chance to challenge Trump.”

New York Post journalists previously noted that forcing 81-year-old Biden to run for a second term would be cruel. They noted that those close to him are already trying to protect the American leader from public attention. And in the case of the next presidential race, Biden will have to run without participating in any way in the campaign itself.

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