Erdogan refuses to recognize Hamas as a terrorist group, says it is essential to a peace solution

The Turkish president launched strong criticism against Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, indicating that “the massacre committed by his administration in Gaza remained a black stain on history”, and against the countries which gave him their support unconditional. was also stained.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again launched a very harsh condemnation this Saturday against the government and the Israeli army for the “massacre” they are committing against the population of Gaza, before reaffirm that it will not recognize the Islamist movement Hamas, at the head of the enclave, as a terrorist group and which even considers the organization as an essential interlocutor for a possible peace solution for the region.

“The Israeli perpetrators, who were victims of the genocide, have now become the murderers of their ancestors,” Erdogan said before addressing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The massacre committed by his administration in Gaza remains a black stain in history, and the countries that gave him unconditional support have also been tainted,” he said in statements reported by Turkey’s official Anatolia news agency.

Erdogan hopes that the International Criminal Court will thus persecute “these ‘butchers’ of Gaza, caught in the act” and dictate “the necessary sanctions against them, in particular against Netanyahu.”

The Turkish president once again presented himself as a possible mediator for a peace agreement for Gaza and the entire region, but stressed that Hamas must participate in these negotiations.

“The question of Gaza cannot be discussed without a two-state solution. » Erdogan spoke about the historic road map which envisages coexistence between a Palestinian state and an Israeli state, before indicating however that “the exclusion of Hamas” from this plan “is not a realistic scenario”.

“And I remain in the same position, as always,” the Turkish president stressed: “I don’t care what others say: I cannot accept Hamas as an organization

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