Man goes to the dentist 200 times after cocaine caused his teeth to fall out

A man He spent almost two years with dental problems after spend 80,000 pounds, about 90,000 euros. The events occurred in United Kingdomwhen Danny Bennett’s jaw became infected in March 2021.

The situation caused him to have to have all his teeth extracted. However, the dentist put in “peg pieces,” which stayed on for a year.

Given this, he decided to travel to Turkey to fix it, but he was not happy with the results either. After what happened, he wants to warn other people on TikTok about his dental problems and that can be expensive. “There have been years of agony, pain, mental torture. I still don’t understand how it all happened,” she said.

“I have to laugh about it now, but it was horrible; I’m still not in a good place mentally,” he added.

Danny Bennett is former cocaine addict and explains that the abuse ruined his teeth when he was 20 years old and decided to get them fixed 10 years later. The first treatment went well, but she became infected.

Had surgery twice

In Turkey they placed his teeth connected to each other and not individually, so he had to have another operation. “It got to the point where I was really upset, but at least I could eat properly and actually use them,” he says.

However, they began to fall. “I was in total panic,” she recalls. She resorted to manually gluing them every three hours. “My mental health was terrible, I had always suffered from anxiety, but this made it even worse, my head was completely gone,” she says.

The situation forced him to publish a video begging for a dentist to treat him. The video received three million views. In the end, she got it taken care of and resolved.

Source: Antena3


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