Scholz pledged to spend billions of euros at UN summit in Dubai

Bild: Scholz promised to allocate 6 billion euros to combat climate change amid the budget crisis in Germany

Photo: © Global Look Press/IMAGO/Frank Ossenbrink

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived at the UN climate change conference, which will last in Dubai until December 12. As reported Bild editionthe politician promised to allocate at least 6 billion euros to combat climate change until 2025.

“Scholz promised the world: Germany will invest six billion euros a year in global climate protection by 2025 at the latest.”,” the authors of the article indicated, referring to a statement made by the German Chancellor during a speech at the forum.

The German government, as indicated in the material, exceeded the plan in 2022. Then, about 6.4 billion euros flowed from the budget to global climate projects.

“And the Chancellor made it clear in Dubai: despite all the restrictions of austerity, the promise remains.”,” the authors of the article indicated.

The material noted that Scholz’s promise came against the backdrop of a budget crisis in Germany itself. The decision was agreed upon by the ruling coalition. At the same time, the authors of the article noted that Berlin spends almost 10 billion euros on climate projects every year.

At the end of November, Scholz gave a speech in the Bundestag. His words referred to the current budget crisis in Germany. The Chancellor’s speech caused laughter and condemnation among those present. At the same time, laughter was heard in the hall at the very beginning of Scholz’s speech.

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