Woman dies in alternative healing therapy based on slapping

In SeendWiltshire, a man who offered services alternative medicine was arrested after killing one of his patients in a ‘slap therapy‘ in a country hotel called Cleeve House.

The events took place on October 20, 2016. Danielle Carr-Gomm71 years old, was participating in a therapy workshop ‘Paida & Lajin’based on slapping or slapping yourself repeatedly, translating as “slaps and stretches“The victim, born in France and living in Lewes, East Sussex, had attended therapy seeking will improve your diabetes and trying to leave behind insulin injections since he had a phobia of needles.

Matthew Carr-Gomm, the victim’s son, claims that his mother was looking for “alternative methods to treat your diabetes and was very interested in medicine and alternative and holistic therapies.” Danielle was “desperate to try to cure herself of this illness.” In turn, her son highlights that “she always maintained a healthy life style” and that “she was convinced that nothing would prevent her live a full life“.

The information provided at the trial has confirmed that the workshop was based on a form of marginal therapy in which you slap yourself or are slapped repeatedly with the alleged premise of eliminating toxins and obtaining health benefits. Because of this, patients often leave sessions with bruising and bleeding.

The guru, who was called Hongchi Xiao, is a 60-year-old Californian originally from China who led various alternative healing sessions under the pseudonym Master Xiao. The detainee went to trial last Friday accused of manslaughter due to gross negligencesympathizing at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court.

Wiltshire Police first searched for the accused in 2019but he could not be stopped until he extradited from Australia. According to a statement given by the police spokesperson: “Hongchi Xiao, 60, of Cloudbreak, California, returned to the United Kingdom from Australia on an extradition warrant and has been taken to the Gablecross Custody in Swindon, where he was accused. “This relates to the death of Danielle Carr-Gomm, aged 71, at Cleeve House in Seend in October 2016.”

What are the alternative therapies?

The alternative therapies They are the techniques, elements and methods that complete medical treatments from a different approach than conventional Western medicine, often without scientific support or evidence. These therapies advertise that they seek to improve quality of life, help improve symptoms and offer extra support to the treatment stipulated by the doctor.

There is a wide variety of alternative therapies that address different approaches, techniques and treatments. This is the description of its defenders:

  • Reiki. Eastern medicine healing system based on channeling energy through the body to restore the flow of vital energy through the chakras. It achieves this by eliminating blockages and harmonizing them.
  • Bach flowers. Concentration of natural essences that work directly with the emotional aspects of the individual. This treatment considers that physical illnesses have an emotional origin, so it aims to achieve a balance using these flower remedies.
  • Sanergy. Healing technique from Asia that seeks to connect the patient with the universe, understanding that it is necessary to adjust to new levels of energy vibration. This therapy seeks to balance all physical, emotional and psychological alterations.
  • Acupuncture. This technique is one of the best known in oriental medicine and is based on placing tiny needles in the skin. These needles stimulate energetic points on the body, balancing the magnetic currents that caused the condition.

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