Representation of the Russian Federation: the evacuation of Russians from Gaza has resumed

Photo: © REUTERS/Fadi Shana

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In the Gaza Strip, evacuation measures to remove Russian citizens and members of their families have resumed. reported Representation of the Russian Federation to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in its Telegram channel.

“On December 2, evacuation activities to remove Russian citizens and their close Palestinian relatives from the Gaza Strip resumed.”,” follows from the message.

It is noted that the evacuation is taking place against the backdrop of renewed hostilities. Their victims, according to the enclave’s Ministry of Health, were more than 200 people, and among the dead was Russian citizen Majed Hassouna.

However, the representative office cannot yet officially confirm this fact: the specified citizen was not on the evacuation lists. At the same time, neither he himself nor his relatives contacted the representative office.

The removal of citizens is complicated by the intensification of IDF operations in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, including in areas located near the Rafah checkpoint, the department added.

Since the start of the evacuation of Russians from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry aviation has carried out eight flights, delivering 761 people to Russia, including 360 children.

Earlier it was reported that the Israeli Air Force carried out a series of attacks on the elite Hamed neighborhood in Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip. It is noted that members of the Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad live here.

Source: Ren TV


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