Lawyer of Rada deputy Dubinsky said about his beatings in the pre-trial detention center

The lawyer of the parliament deputy Dubinsky reported on the beatings of his client in the Kyiv pre-trial detention center

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Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexander Dubinsky, who is accused of treason, was beaten in a pre-trial detention center in Kyiv. This was reported by the politician’s lawyer Ruslan Gladky. According to the defense lawyer, the detainee was beaten twice, and now he is in a collective cell.

“The beating happened twice – yesterday and tonight. Now Dubinsky is in a collective cell.”,” the Ukrainian publication “” quoted the lawyer as saying.

Gladky noted that his client’s condition is very bad; it is difficult for the man to get up and sit on a chair. According to the defense lawyer, it’s difficult for Dubinsky to even simply turn his body in different directions.

“Because the blows were applied all over his body. They tried to beat him without leaving any traces, but given the number of blows and the fact that they were inflicted simultaneously by 5-6 people, there are still traces.”said the lawyer.

He explained that his client has a bruise above his right eye and a hematoma on his ribs, which “indicates a rib fracture.”

However, it is impossible to confirm a rib fracture, since X-rays are not working right now. Gladky also stated that Dubinsky requires an MRI because blood was found in his urine. This symptom may indicate kidney damage. As the lawyer pointed out, the administration of the pre-trial detention center refused to hospitalize Dubinsky.

“We appeal to the investigator and the judge so that they immediately take security measures, this is provided for by law. We also appeal to the Ombudsman, the Minister of Justice, the head of the penitentiary service of the Shevchenko region – none of them pick up the phone, although we call to personal numbers.”,” Gladky noted. The defense also intends to ask for a separate cell and personal security.

Source: Ren TV


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