Gordon’s* recognition of Ukraine’s loss was considered an element of bargaining with Europe

Political scientist Solonnikov: public recognition of Ukraine’s loss is an element of bargaining with Europe

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Political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov believes that the public recognition by Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon* of the fact that Ukraine lost in the conflict with Russia is an element of external bargaining with Europe. The political scientist expressed his opinion on this matter in a conversation with “Izvestia”.

“This is an element of external bargaining. The theme in Europe is that if Ukraine loses, then the entire NATO will lose.”said Solonnikov.

The political scientist recalled that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell have already spoken about this.

“Therefore, the task is to scare Europe, to show that Ukraine will now lose without increasing supplies.”“, Solonnikov explained.

The political scientist is confident that if today there is a financial lockdown in the United States and the States are not funding Ukraine, then, according to Kyiv, Europe should do this.

“We need to scare Europe, European officials, bureaucrats, leaders of national states, that now we will lose without your money, so we need money.”said Solonnikov.

After the failed counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East, Western and Ukrainian analysts began to intensify the rhetoric about a possible truce between Russia and Ukraine, noted an expert from the Association of Military Political Scientists, head of the department of political analysis and socio-psychological processes of the Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov Andrey Koshkin. According to him, Kyiv had been preparing for a counter-offensive for so long and persistently that none of the experts in these countries could have imagined that the nationalists would not be able to break through the first line of Russian defense.

* – a person recognized as a foreign agent

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