A drug-trafficking hairdresser is arrested because most of his clients were bald

The Italian police stopped this friday to a hairdresser 55 years old accused of drug trafficking after discovering that most of his clients were baldyou.

The agents observed a “strange coming and going” of people at their premises, located in the city of Genoa (north), including “bald people who probably did not need a haircut.”

“The authorities had noticed a strange coming and going in the man’s store, owner of a barbershop in the neighborhood of Focusin Genoa, with the entrance and immediate exit even of bald peoplewho probably did not need a haircut,” the Genoa Provincial Command said in a statement.

The researchers decided to deploy a surveillance device to find out the activity that was really taking place at that location. In this way, they found that “some clients, of different ages and professions, went to the hair salon solely with the intention of purchasing narcotics, while others combined the cut with the purchase of one or more doses.”

Subsequently, the inside of the business was searchedwhich had a mezzanine in which 100 grams of cocaine were stored, four precision scales and materials to package the substances. Likewise, at his home they found several grams of hashish and they verified that the barber maintained contact with prisoners in a prison in Genoa.

The Mossos and the Guardia di Finanza arrest 78 suspects

The Mossos d’Esquadra and the Guardia di Finanza Italian have arrested this week 78 people (20 in Catalonia and 58 in Italy) suspected of allegedly trafficking hashish and marijuana, who are also being investigated for alleged money laundering and membership in a criminal organization.

The arrests were made on Tuesday, October 17, The research has been collaborative and coordination with Europol and was explained at a press conference this Thursday by the head of the central organized crime area of ​​the Mossos investigation division, Antoni Salleras; the head of the Mossos central economic crimes area, José Merino; Captain Giuseppe Macaluso and Lieutenant Giorgio Targa, from the anti-drug operational group of the Guardia di Finanza.

Source: Antena3


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