The emotional video of a man seeking to learn more about his identity: “Mom, I’m looking for you”

Miguel Suarez He is 35 years old and look for his mother. The man lives in General Deheza, a city located 69 kilometers from Río Cuarto, in Argentina.

The man was adopted in June 1988 when only I had a few hours to live by a couple from General Deheza. She is looking for her mother and to do so she has shared a video through her social networks.

In the video he revealed that his mother gave him to his adoptive father and that he never heard from her again. For this reason, he started a campaign to be able to see it and “have a coffee.”

Miguel explains that he was born in Oliva Zonal Hospital. “Apparently you were traveling to have my birth in another city, but circumstances meant that you had to stop in Oliva for me to be born,” she says in the video.

Within hours of being born, Miguel Suárez’s adoptive father traveled to that city to meet him. The woman gave the baby. The man indicated that he had participated in her birth with “a midwife named Clara Norma Ortiz de Mana.” “I have a life of gratitude and I would like to meet you for coffee,” she says.

“That’s why if you watch this video I ask you to communicate to the number 358- 4289649 so that we can meet and for all those who see this video, share it on their networks. Thank you very much,” she concluded.

Miguel is married to María Betiana and has three children. Susana, his adoptive mother, lives in Deheza and supports the search for your son. His adoptive father died during the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Antena3


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