German handball players advanced early to the main round at the World Championships in Scandinavia. The DHB pick also easily won his second game of the preliminary round against clear underdogs Iran 45:22 (25:12) and thus booked his ticket to the second stage of the tournament. The top German thrower in Herning, Denmark, on Saturday was Johanna Stockschlader with eight hits.

National coach Markus Gaugisch’s side narrowly won their first game against Japan on Thursday. The final game of the preliminary round on Monday against Poland is likely to be about winning the important group. Teams carry over their points from the preliminary round to the main round.

There, Germany are likely to face title contenders Denmark, as well as Serbia and Romania in a six-man group. The top two teams advance to the quarterfinals.

Iran’s handball midget is not a serious problem

For the first time in their international history, the DHB team had to play against Iran. This is only the second time that Asians have taken part in the World Championships. Your only goal is not to be last. Their main problem is the lack of international experience. Only one player plays abroad, goalkeeper Fatemeh Khalili.

So, even before the match it was clear that Iran’s handball dwarf would not be a real test for the DHB team. Regardless of whether it was one-on-one, shots from the backcourt or in terms of speed: the Asians were inferior in all respects.

Yet in the first few minutes in front of 1,800 spectators, the German team had a tougher time than expected. In attack, the DHB women were sometimes hampered by the Iranian goalkeeper, and in defense, unlike Japan, the formation did not work optimally. The outsider scored several goals from the circle already at the beginning of the game – in the second half the German defense was more compact.

It’s time to straighten the scarf

The fact that victory was never in jeopardy was also due to the gifts of Iranian women. The Asian Championship fourth-place finisher relied on seven outfield players when they had the ball, leaving their own goal empty. At the same time, the outsider lost a lot of the ball, and the DHB players were able to easily score from their own half of the field.

After 20 minutes the advantage was already 9 goals. As a result, the class difference became increasingly noticeable. Iran was completely overwhelmed by the speed of the Germans. The game in front of almost empty stands was more reminiscent of a training session than a World Cup game.

Before the match, the DHB team warned that the religion of opponents playing in headscarves should be respected. The German detachment acted with the necessary rigidity, but always gave the Iranians time to straighten their scarves. (dpa/best)

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