Israeli defense minister says Hamas refused to release 15 women, 2 children hostages

The Israeli authority affirmed today that the army “returned to fight with all its strength” after the end of the truce, adding that “thousands of terrorists were eliminated” thanks to the offensive.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told a news conference today that the army “he came back to fight with all his strength” after the end of the truce with Hamas, according to media reports Israel Times.

Hundreds dead in Gaza: fighting ends truce between Israel and Hamas

According to the media, he ordered the fire to resume on Friday morning after Hamas will refuse to release 15 kidnapped women and two children under the truce agreement.

“We will continue exactly where we left off” detained.

Ruined building as a group of Palestinians carry their belongings after an Israeli attack on residential buildings in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip. December 2, 2023. REUTERS/Ahmed Zakot

According to Gallant, over the past two days he visited Gaza from the air as well as the border area by land, calling the results of the renewed Israeli offensive “very impressive.”

Thousands of terrorists were eliminated, decent barracks (were beaten) “Hundreds of terabytes of information are in our hands, hundreds of terrorists have been captured and are being interrogated in Israel,” he said.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities also celebrated the achievements made during the days of truce and ceasefire.

“The realization that 110 hostages returned alive, No army in the world has achieved this against a terrorist organization. We achieved this thanks to the strength of the Israel Defense Forces,” he said.

Israel orders withdrawal of Qatar negotiating team

As reported today by the Europa Press agency, Israel announced the withdrawal of its negotiators from Doha (Qatar), a team which was discussing the possibility of reactivating the truce. This, after having regretted that the talks reached an “impasse” on the circumstances of new exchanges between hostages and prisoners.

Hamas accuses Israel of being responsible for the end of the truce and claims to have rejected all its offers of extension

“Due to the stalled negotiations and on the instructions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of Mossad (Israeli foreign intelligence services), David Barnea, ordered his Doha team to return to Israel,” the office of the Prime Minister. of Israel in a statement collected by the Israeli news portal Walla.

In the document, Hamas is accused of “violating its part of the agreement” regarding the exchange, “which provided for the release of all women and children, included on a list that was sent to Hamas and which Hamas gave its approval. approval”.

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