WP: Trump announced the start of a “crusade” against Biden

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Former US President Donald Trump called his participation in the presidential race a “crusade” against the current head of state, Joe Biden, who is “destroying democracy.” About it writes The Washington Post.

This campaign is a righteous “crusade” to liberate our republic from Biden“, he said, speaking in Iowa to his supporters.

In addition, Trump accused the Biden administration of trying to suppress free speech, censor critics and criminalize dissent. In his opinion, current politicians want to completely control the social life of Americans.

The ex-president promised that their reign would end if voters returned him to the White House, and that America would be a free country.

The Economist previously named Trump the biggest danger in 2024. The publication writes that a second presidential term could “untie” Trump’s hands, because he is full of a desire for retribution, “economic protectionism and theatrically extravagant deals.”

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