REN TV will talk about sex scandals that changed the course of history

Details about this and much more are in the “Unknown History” program.

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There have been several personal scandals around the world involving monarchs, rulers and officials that literally changed the course of history. So, after the death of Caesar, Cleopatra began an affair with Mark Antony in order to, with the help of his legions, elevate her son to the throne. However, Caesar’s adopted son Octavian Augustus could not allow this.

Told some details about this REN TV historian, researcher at the Department of History of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Stanislav Ruzanov.

REN TV will talk about sex scandals that changed the course of history

“There is a known case in history when a woman, a rather outstanding woman, Cleopatra, actually led to an interstate clash. Based on mutual misunderstanding associated with the fact that Mark Antony divorced the sister of Octavian Augustus, on the basis of falling in love with Cleopatra… It came to open military conflict. But the story ended sadly, since both Mark Antony and Cleopatra were eventually dead. They committed suicide,” the historian said.

What other intimate scandals changed history? How did America’s founding father, Thomas Jefferson, deceive the United States for the love of a slave? How did British minister John Profumo get into a scandal over a model? How did Henry VIII’s affair with Anne Boleyn change history? How US Senator Gary Hart’s career was ruined by a night with a woman? Details about this and much morein the program “Unknown History” with Boris Ryzhov. Watch it on Sunday, December 3, at 11:30 on REN TV.

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