Emmanuel Macron calls for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza: “The total destruction of Hamas could take ten years”

The president of France, Emmanuel Macronconfirmed during a press conference during COP28 in Dubai his concern with the Israel-Palestine War and thus called for a “lasting ceasefire.”

Macron warned that, given the intense moment that is being experienced and after the truce and exchange of hostages ended yesterday, the situation needs more security to free the prisoners of the Islamist Hamas militia: “This situation requires a redoubling of efforts.”

“The total destruction of Hamas, what is that? Does anyone believe it is possible? If so, the war will last ten years and I don’t think anyone knows how to seriously define the objective. So this objective must be clarified,” he declared. Macron to French media.

This has been the first time that Emmanuel Macron has shown himself so tough on Israel, when he has also criticized that systematic and permanent bombings are not an answer to terrorism. In addition, he has asked the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to explain what his objectives are because the risk of all this would lead to a “long war.”

The French president is in Dubai to attend the United Nations Conference and had dinner in Qatar with the country’s emir, Tamim ben Hamad al Zaniwith who you want negotiate a new truce agreement between both countries, in addition to a pact to release more hostagesFor this reason, the Middle Eastern country is now in the crosshairs of this war.

Macron has argued that he recognizes the Israel’s right to defend itself in the face of Palestinian attacks, as long as these fall within the framework of international law and, above all, that of the respect for humanitarian rights.

“There are too many civilian casualties, this war cannot attack the rights of the civilian population,” said the Parisian president.

Demonstrations in Paris

Thousands of pro-Palestinian people have taken to the streets of Paris to support the Palestinians in Gaza and thus call for a ceasefire. The protesters repeat these marches every Saturday since the war between Hamas and Israel broke out on October 7.

Source: Antena3


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