The US warned Israel about the risk of defeat in the Gaza Strip

Photo: © Global Look Press/Ilia Yefimovich/dpa

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke about the progress of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and warned Israel about the risk of defeat, reports Pentagon website.

Speaking at the Reagan National Defense Forum in California, Austin noted that the Israeli army is engaged in urban combat against an enemy defending in one of the most densely populated areas in the world. According to the head of the Pentagon, this creates the preconditions for a possible defeat of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

“In this kind of battle, the center of gravity is the civilian population. And if you drive them into the arms of the enemy, you will replace a tactical victory with a strategic defeat.”Austin said.

He called on Israel to create humanitarian corridors and provide security to civilians to avoid a negative scenario.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Lebanon could be destroyed if the Shiite Hezbollah movement continues to escalate. He noted that Israel will restore security in both the north and the south.

Source: Ren TV


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