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For lovers of premium philosophical entertainment, here is an explanatory scientific review from Day 13: Run/Schropp Matthias Mangiapane’s day starts with respect for Pamuckle – at least when it comes to hairstyle soon after waking up. Unfortunately, unlike his Pumuckle bro hairstyle, Mangiapane doesn’t turn invisible on a regular basis. Echauffier ecstasy 24/7 guaranteed.

If after a restful sleep in a tourist camp without any daily obligations, something mundane like breakfast is usually on the agenda, then in the onboard bistro the trivial cold leaves not only the kitchen, but also the souls. Even before coffee, which is already prohibited, a new exclusive release from Intriganten-Stadl begins.

The germ was still there the day before Iris Klein posted. Shortly before her resignation, she put forward the following thesis: “Eliz, Peter and Dominic are in cahoots and have already made a pact in front of Celebrity Big Brother not to be nominated.” The chronically resentful Mangiapane certainly agrees. professional as a participant in a German reality show, always at the forefront, don’t hesitate to ask Claudia Obert about it.

The letter “M” in Mangiapan means “Humanity”.

Inextricably linked with this Mangiapane Dilara Kruse first to his gaming team, but immediately corrects himself and changes her to Paulina: “I don’t want to say that Dilyara is stupid, but Paulina has something more on her mind.” This did not go unnoticed by Dilara Gearhead: “Matthias made me feel stupid.” Mangiapane, who makes no secret of the fact that he doesn’t care about humanity in this format because he doesn’t want to make friends, he wants to win. Consistently following this line, he adds in the reception room: “I also want a smart person on the team!” I’d really like to be there when Dilara discovers this statement next week when she reviews the post-finale episodes for research purposes.

Matthias Mangiapane is sure: “Paulina has more abilities than Dilara.” I hope also grammatically, because then the turbo-intellectual Mangiapane might even learn something. Subsequently, he may even speak better German (attention!), like Dilara. Now she is sure: “There are no people here anymore!”

Until this moment, Polina continues to behave with restraint. Overall, it’s selling surprisingly well tonight. Anyone who’s ever seen an episode of her signature Ex on the Beach format probably thought Paulina was a full-blooded, bikini-clad influencer caught in a constant love escalation between various parallel affairs, caught in a white lie every 90 seconds. Meanwhile, in reality formats alone, she had more bodies than I have in over 30 years.

Polina: From the roadside to a luxury hotel – and back

By the way, Paulina’s men so far are only young people with an indifferent work status, an addiction to flirting on Instagram and an excess of testosterone, who sometimes get the impression that the number of their tattoos far exceeds the number of their vocabulary. Thanks to Mangiapane’s tactical maneuver, Paulina isn’t changing her mining scheme today, but she is changing her chances of winning.

Regarding the dynamics of sympathy, it should be noted, at least for this season, that fraternization with Mathias Mangiapane will not necessarily lead to a rapid increase in favorable popularity. Mathias Mangiapane sums it up with a smug smile: “It’s greed for 100,000 euros.” First of all, he regrets that “humanity is fading into the background.” This is absolutely understandable, because hardly anyone behaves in reality formats as humanely as Matthias Mangiapane. Anyone who followed his Blue Helmet mission on Celebrities Under Palm Trees can attest to this.

To document the exuberant humanity, Mangiapane tries to force Paulina, who is gradually becoming subservient to him in terms of tactics, to secure the nomination: “From now on, we will always be on the list, unless you break up. consortium”. It hurts, now also linguistically. But in the repertoire of Matthias Icarus Mangiapane there is not only intrigue, but also folk wisdom: “He who rises high falls low.” He leaves open the question of whom exactly he means. Or maybe he’s just reporting his experience with Viagra.

Will Björn Hoecke choose Matthias Mangiapane?

To talk about something other than his absent fellow candidates, Mangiapane then goes to the bathroom with his new assistant Pauline as a distraction and shaves for the first time since moving in. He is pleased with the result: “Now I’m finally no longer like Muhammad or Ali!” Brilliant tactic: Compensate for bullying with racism. Victory is almost inevitable for him. Well, at least if AfD voters watch Saturday 1. Björn Höcke would choose Matthias Mangiapane.

For a comedic twist, today’s must-have shopping game will go down in the PBB history books. A group of D-celebrities are asked to choose two candidates who “have brains”. The Follower Optimization Club chooses Peter and, haha, Paulina. Team Doppel-P competes accordingly – and fails completely. Heidi Klum, Helen Fisher and Beyoncé can roughly sort them by age. When it comes to whether 3×3 plus 2 is greater than 3×1 plus 3, then the matter already looks more catastrophic than in the federal budget. Third grade math is not the strong suit of the container-minded elite. Even Polina asks herself: “Am I stupid?” This gives extra points for correctly answering “What is a rhetorical question?”, but unfortunately no dinner.

But she could fix everything by asking the next question. The countries Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany need to be sorted by population. However, Paulina seems to be just as good at elementary school math: “How many people are there in Sweden? I have never been there!” For me this is a scandal, this injustice on the part of Big Brother! What’s next? Is it worth answering whether it is possible to breathe on the Moon without a spacesuit? How could anyone know this? It is unlikely that any of the prisoners have ever been to the moon!

Matthias Mangiapane – first finalist

Thus, buying a container from your own discount store (Lidl, if I remember correctly) that costs only seven euros ends up being wasted. Saturday will also be a gourmet oatmeal dream. Most of the remaining container luminaries take this calmly. Maybe because they know: anyway, everything will end in two days at the latest. Only Peter Klein seems to be tormented by hunger: “Even in prison they feed three times a day!”

What the dinner will look like quickly fades into the background anyway, because it’s time for nominations and exits again. Residents decide by secret ballot on the elimination competition between Peter Klein and Dominik Stuckmann. Shortly after midnight, the fascination of the professional audience fell on Dominic, who became famous for the worldwide hit AC/DC “Thunderstruckmann”. He leaves the container.

There is not much time for mourning in the container, because Paulina can give the golden final ticket to the candidate immediately afterwards. Theoretically, too. She skips this self-defense option: “If I reach the final, it will be fair and because the viewer wants it!” In accordance with the new alignment of dependencies in the team, she, without hesitation, hands the “finalist” belt directly to Matthias Mangiapana. She apparently hopes to appear selfless and gain sympathy from the audience. It’s a bit like Borussia Dortmund hiring Alice Weidel as a mental coach to ease fan frustration over the signing of Felix Nmecha. How wise this decision is will become clear in the near future.

In my opinion, Paulina ruined both herself and Matias Mangiapane’s chances of winning. Perhaps tomorrow we will find out if I am right about this. I’ll tell. Until!

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