Israel-Hamas war, live: Israel announces having attacked 450 terrorist targets

The war between the Israeli army and militants from the terrorist group Hamas continues. In recent days, attacks by Israeli forces on Palestinian territory have intensified. Specifically, They have expanded their objectives to the north of the Gaza Strip, which was supposed to be a “safe zone” where thousands of displaced people lived. Now they are being forced to move to Rafahwhere they are completely overcrowded. Biden has asked Netanyahu to respect the lives of civilians. It argues that humanitarian corridors are necessary so that people can safely flee attack zones.

On the other hand, Israel has assured that they have managed to put an end to 450 targets and that therefore they have killed various terrorists.

The dead they already exceed 17,000 and the injured are 46,000 since the beginning of Israel’s offensive after the October 7 attacks carried out by Hamas. Follow the news of the conflict minute by minute.

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Israel attacks 450 targets in Gaza

Israel’s offensive continues by sea, land and air with the objective of shoot down as many targets as possible, among which is ending the lives of terrorists. This Friday, Israeli forces attacked 450 targets in Gaza. This has been published by an army report where they assure that intense fighting continues in the Strip: “They continue to operate to locate and destroy tunnels, weapons and terrorist infrastructure,” alleges the report.

The primary objective now is to Jan Younis where fighter jets launched a series of “two-hour pinpoint strikes” against targets. They also used a drone to take out those targets.

Source: Antena3


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