In the US, Biden was compared to Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal

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Legal charges of tax evasion against the son of US President Hunter Biden resemble a “nuclear bomb” for the American leader, Fox News reported.

In the current situation, as journalists note, Joe Biden looks like former White House head Bill Clinton during the sex scandal surrounding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Because of the allegations against Hunter, the president fell into a “trap of his own making,” since he himself had long denied knowledge of and participation in his son’s foreign business deals.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley recalled that Bill Clinton also denied accusations during the scandal over his 1998 affair with Lewinsky. He cited polling showing that most Americans don’t trust Biden on the issue.

Washington Times editor Charles Hurt said Hunter’s indictment should be “like a nuclear bomb going off on the Biden family” because of the upcoming presidential election.

“Regardless of whether Joe Biden is completely clean in any legal or business sense, (…) he still lied to the American people about this (his son’s involvement).”,” Hurt explained.

On December 7, Hunter Biden was charged with evading $1.4 million in taxes between 2016 and 2020. Instead, he spent his money on escorts, drugs, rent, cars, luxury hotels and clothes. According to Fox News, the president’s son faces up to 17 years in prison in a new tax evasion case.

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