NYT: The UN demanded $63 million from ex-deputy secretary general from Ukraine Vanshelboim

He faces losing his UN pension.

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The United Nations (UN) has demanded $63 million from the organization’s former Deputy Secretary General Vitaly Vanshelboim to reimburse his failed investments. reported The New York Times, citing court documents.

According to journalists, Vanshelboim has Ukrainian citizenship.

“He (Vanshelboim – Ed.) stated that he was fined an amount equal to a year’s salary and ordered to personally pay $63,626,806. If he doesn’t pay this money <...> he will not be entitled to a UN pension”– noted in the publication.

At the same time, Vanshelboim himself asks the UN judicial system, which is dealing with this case, to cancel the decisions on the fine and dismissal. Hearings on this issue will take place in 2024.

It is noted that we are talking about a case where the former deputy secretary general and his boss Grete Faremo invested about $60 million in companies associated with British businessman David Kendrick, whom they met at a party. At the same time, according to UN reports, the investments turned out to be unsuccessful: only about 10% of the invested funds paid off. During the ensuing internal investigation, Vanshelboim was fired, and the investment program he and Faremo created was closed.

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