How many Israeli soldiers died during the Gaza invasion

Tuesday, December 12, was the day when the highest number of Israeli soldiers died since the start of the invasion of the Gaza Strip: 10 in total, killed during a military operation in the Shejaiya neighborhood of the city of Gaza (the largest and most populous of the Strip, which is located in the north). The Israeli military said the soldiers were killed in “an ambush” by Hamas militants in a residential building that Israel said hid a passage to one of several tunnels used by the radical Palestinian group.

Since the Israeli army began invading the Gaza Strip on the evening of October 27, in response to the Hamas attack on October 7, 116 soldiers have been killed in fighting in the Palestinian territory. This is a rather high figure, which indicates that the level of Hamas’ armed opposition is quite high overall: the soldiers who have died in the invasion so far are almost double those who died in the last Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. , that of 2014.

Palestinian deaths currently stand at more than 18,500, most of them civilians, although the Hamas Health Ministry, which provides the data, does not distinguish between civilians and militiamen.

Most Israeli soldiers were killed in northern Gaza, where the first phase of the Israeli invasion was concentrated, which has also moved south in recent weeks. Since October 7, the day the war began, 444 Israeli soldiers have been killed: the majority were killed on the day of the Hamas attack and in the days immediately following it, when the Israeli army carried out a series of military operations in the territories bordering the Gaza Strip where militiamen from the radical group were still present.

Of the 116 deaths since the start of the Gaza invasion, many have been killed by Palestinian militiamen, but several have also died from so-called “friendly fire”, i.e. shots fired by mistake by Israeli soldiers themselves, or due to unspecified accidents linked to the use of weapons and military machines: essentially a fifth of the soldiers who died in Gaza were not killed by Hamas.

Tuesday’s “ambush”, which resulted in the deaths of 10 soldiers, occurred while soldiers were inspecting a building densely populated with civilians: there was an explosion involving dozens of soldiers from the Golani brigade. Some soldiers went to help those affected and injured by the explosion, but at that moment a second explosion occurred.

Then a third group tried to approach the wounded and was also hit by an explosion. Ultimately, among the dead soldiers were also two commanders, including Lieutenant Colonel Tomer Greenberg, who, during the attack on October 7, had been among the first to come to the aid of civilians on Kibbutz Kfar Azza, rescuing two twins again -born whose parents had been killed by Hamas.

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