Israel reopened the Kerem Shalom Gate

Sunday for the first time since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip Israel reopened the Kerem Shalom gate, in the southeast of the territory, to allow the entry of trucks carrying humanitarian aid intended for the Palestinian population. The terminal is located near the border between Egypt and Israel, a few kilometers from the Rafah terminal, the only one to have been reopened during the conflict: it had remained closed since October 7, the day of the ferocious attacks carried out by the radicals . The Palestinian group Hamas against the Israeli population. Despite this concession, Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip continue.

The reopening of the Kerem Shalom gate Has been confirmed an Israeli official and a Palestinian border official, as well as two collaborators from the Egyptian Red Crescent, the equivalent of the country’s Red Cross, who spoke about it with Reuters. Cogat, the division of the Israeli army which manages movements between Gaza and Israel, he said that on Sunday, 201 humanitarian aid trucks were inspected and allowed to enter the Gaza Strip: 122 passed through the Rafah crossing and 79 through Kerem Shalom, the crossing through which approximately 60 percent of goods destined for Gaza passed. ‘Israel to Israel before the start of the operation. war.

Some images circulating on social media and photographs distributed by news agencies meanwhile show groups of people chasing, stopping and attacking trucks carrying aid packages (usually water, food and medicine). to Rafah. Others instead show armed men, their faces covered, sitting on top of trucks, who according to some Israeli media are members of Hamas.

It is estimated that the reopening of the crossing will double the amount of food and medicine available to civilians in the Gaza Strip, who have been refugees for weeks in various points in the south of the territory, where the current humanitarian and health crisis has gradually worsened. . However, aid may not reach everyone who needs it immediately, particularly because Israeli attacks and fighting continue in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

The head of communications for the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, Juliette Touma, wrote of a sky filled with bombings. At the same time Israel he accused Hamas refuses aid intended for the civilian population for itself, thus contributing to worsening their situation.

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