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The Republika Srpska called the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers in 2003 a mistake

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It would be boring for Russian peacekeepers to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina along with international forces. About this in an interview with RIA Novosti declared President of the Republika Srpska (entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina) Milorad Dodik.

According to the politician, the withdrawal of the Russian peacekeeping contingent 20 years ago was a mistake.

“As long as international forces remain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russian forces should also remain,” – said Dodik.

He stressed that the decision was made at the highest level and, probably, agreed at the international level.

“As for us, the Serbs certainly would like the Russian side to be present,” he added.

Earlier, Dodik said that Russia would become one of the pillars of the new multipolar world.

Source: Ren TV

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